Turkish resort city Antalya hosts 2M tourists in Q1 - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Turkish resort city Antalya hosts 2M tourists in Q1
Number of tourists to Antalya in early 2024 marked as best start in Antalya’s tourism history.
Turkish resort city Antalya hosts 2M tourists in Q1

Antalya, the Turkish resort city in the southwest, hosted 2 million tourists in the first four months of the year, up 14.10% on an annual basis, according to a recent statement from the country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The statement noted that the number of 2 million tourists was highlighted as the best start to a year of all time in Antalya’s tourism history.

The number of tourists in Antalya was recorded as 1 million in April, up 4.86% on an annual basis.

The ministry stated that German tourists ranked first in April with 259,700 visitors, followed by Russian tourists with 194,900 and 141,400 tourists from the UK.

In the four-month period, the number of tourists to Antalya from Germany toppled the ranking with 539,600 visitors.

Following German visitors, for the same four-month period, visitors from Russia came in second with 366,700, and visitors from the UK ranked third with 266,100.

Tourists from Poland, the Netherlands, Iran, Belgium, Ukraine, France, and Lithuania followed the UK.

The number of visitors from Germany soared 21% year-on-year and the number of UK visitors 32%.

As for the rest of the countries listed, the ministry data showed that the number of Polish tourists rose 30%, Iranian tourists 52%, Belgian tourists 42%, Ukrainian tourists 51%, and French tourists 52%.

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